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The project „Digital Transformation of Education („EdTech”)” aims to promote educational innovation based on digital technologies in the education sector by enabling the development and testing of innovations in educational institutions, and by providing advice through technology-savvy teacher-innovators and experts who will support educational institutions and educators facing difficulties in using technologies and digital resources.

The project aims to enable the education system to operate more efficiently and improve the quality of learning outcomes through educational technology and digital innovation.

The project’s target group is educators and students, lecturers and students of state higher education institutions, students and teachers of Lithuanian language schools abroad.

Project activities

EdTech innovation development and testing platform

Introducing the latest educational technologies in the education sector, enabling the development and testing of digital educational innovations,
Building a network of teacher innovators to develop and test educational innovations.
Expert support to educational innovators in developing and testing digital solutions for education.
Strengthening digital competences of educators by enabling educators to obtain a Master’s degree in Computer Science or to acquire additional subject competences and by improving the digital competences of educators and higher education teachers through non-formal training.
Encouraging educators to engage in international cooperation and dissemination of good practices through international placements and cooperation with EdTech centres and platforms in other countries.
Developing technological solutions and the necessary digital teaching and learning resources in educational institutions (digital content)

Development of digital teaching tools. Developing tools for subjects that do not have publicly available digital content in line with the general curriculum.

Particular attention is paid to the needs of pupils with special needs, the gifted, pupils in national minority schools, and groups of pupils in Lithuanian language schools.
Digitisation of study subjects. The project invites higher education institutions to propose a list of subjects, modules, assignments, laboratory work (hereinafter referred to as „study content”) to be digitised in accordance with the requirements for scope, quality, publicity and other requirements.
Development, testing and deployment of a prototype for distance/blended learning; acquisition of equipment for hybrid learning to equip classrooms and lecture theatres.
Acquisition of equipment for hybrid teaching required for classrooms and classrooms in higher education institutions