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Information on the change in the procedure for issuing matriculation certificates


From 1 May 2023, digital certificates, including maturity certificates, are issued in Lithuania. General education certificates and maturity certificates are issued in the Republic of Lithuania according to the Order of the Minister of Education, Science and Sport On the Approval of the Procedure for the Issuance of Certificates and Maturity Certificates.

Digital (electronic) certificates and maturity certificates are prepared based on the information system tools of the Register of School Pupils and the Register of Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications, and are accessible (can be viewed, downloaded from an email and/or printed) in the the Register of Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications.

Certificates and maturity certificates are deemed to have been issued when they are registered in the Register of Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications (by allocating a registration number) after the school prepares such certificates. The school principal certifies the transfer of the data/records to the register with his electronic signature and is responsible for the accuracy of the data/records in the certificates and maturity certificates.

A numerical code and a QR code are specified in the last table in the certificate and the maturity certificate. The school may provide this code to the pupil if the pupil cannot access the Electronic Government Gateway to download (or view) their certificate and/or maturity certificate. Other persons, national and foreign authorities, may check the fact of issuance of the certificate, the authenticity of the data, etc. by using the code and/or QR code with the consent of the owner of the certificate or maturity certificate (login link: https://www.dakpr.smm.lt/aikos2-dakpr/edocSearch.xhtml) in accordance with legal acts for ensuring the security of personal data.

More information on how to issue digital certificates and maturity certificates, how to download, view or print the certificates and/or maturity certificates, etc. for students and their parents/foster parents/guardians by logging into the information system of the Register of Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications is available on  the website of the National Agency for Education.

Form of matriculation certificate (WORD, PDF, JPG).

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